FEI's probe corrected Titan G2 80-200 Transmission Electron Microscope delivers fast, precise, quantitative materials characterization in multiple dimensions at the physical edge of today's achievable resolution power. The present model acquired within the frames of NAMUR Project can achieve theoretical resolution down to 0.09 nm (information limit). Microscope is equipped with state of the art analysis detectors and imaging modes. The microscope also disposes Spectrum Imaging capabilities and atomic resolution elemental mapping.

The main spesifications of the microscope are as follows:


High tension (voltage) range: from 80 to 200 kV
Energy spread of the electron source (zero-loss FWHM at 200 kV): ≤0.9 eV
Cs-correction: Yes, probe Cs-correction
STEM/HAADF image maximum resolution: < 0.09 nm
TEM point resolution: ≤ 0.24 nm (lattice resolution: ≤0.10 nm)
STEM-Spectrum Imaging modes: EDX and EELS simultaneous acquisition on point, line and area scans. Nanodiffraction pattern acquisition in STEM mode on point, line and area
X-ray microanalysis: Yes, EDX sensitive starting from light elements Z ~ 5
Electron energy loss spectroscopy/analysis system (EELS) energy resolution at zero loss: < 0.9 eV
Sample stage: X-,Y-movements with: ≥ ± 1.0 mm Z-movement: ≥ ±0.35 mm
Single tilt holder with tilt angle: ≥ ±30°
Low Background double tilt holder for X-Ray spectroscopy with tilt angle: ≥ ±30° High field of view tomography holder with tilt angle: ≥ ±75°


Microscope is operated unders supervision of qualified operators who will operate the microscope according to client needs. Plasma cleaning facilities are also provided for sample cleaning and edging purposes.


W. Ostwaldi tn 1, 50411, Tartu